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Andriy Redko

I completed my Master Degree in Computer Science at Zhitomir Institute of Engineering and Technologies, Ukraine. For the last fifteen years I have been working as the Consultant/Software Developer/Senior Software Developer/Team Lead for a many successful projects including several huge software systems for customers from North America and Europe.

Piyas De

Born in Kolkata, India in 1977, Piyas De made a headstrong effort to learn, develop, deliver, teach and share his knowledge on different type of software languages and technologies especially on Java/J2EE and related open source technologies.


Stephen McConnell

The ROI for this is excellent. I’ve started your course on Spring Integration and will be taking the one on Java Concurrency in a bit. The classes are well structured, well written and cover cutting edge topics. Between the posts on JCG and the classes in JCG Academy, I can keep up on the latest skillsets without having to spend THOUSANDS on seminars that really just rehash the same old stuff.

Stephen McConnell

Java Code Geeks is an invaluable resource for me. It has helped me numerous times in my day to day work with both basic and advanced issues and with a wide range of Java technologies. Highly recommended for every Java pro!

Michael Makidis